Let's Plan the NEXT Fundraiser!!! WE NEED YOU!!!

Below is a clip of me promoting our VERY first fundraiser!

This is a picture of me as a foster kid on my own BEDINABAG. If you look close you can see the bars on my window,  which I broke to A.W.O.L. a time or two.

The whole campus I lived on had 10ft tall fences with barbed wire on it and a LOCKDOWN facility on the corner of the campus grounds.

I was forced to take medicine I never needed. I was forced to do things I never should have experienced.

BUT that journal I had in my hand kept me focused and dreaming!

Its taken me years to JUMPIN. NOW is as good a time as any to make a change!
Last year on my birthday I held an event, not only raise awareness and funds, but to see who was really going to help me make a change!

I was genuinely blessed to see such hearts and minds come together!

Rebels to the Grain aka hosts of Break Beats & Rhymes as well as Kat at Live 105.5, Alynette at Q104.7 and Soul Assassins on Sirus Shade45 allowed us to promote the event on their shows!!

HipHopChocolates came out and supplied gifts as well as DJClever, DJSoundwave, and DJDefcon providing music and ambience!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST Mr.ChuckD donated is time to us!!

The time has come to start planning and preparing for this years events!
Here are some pics showing what we did last year!

We want to have a meeting soon end of Feb beginning of March to begin panning for an Event in SEP/OCT.  Please contact us if you are interested in be a part of this awesome Project!


Here are some of the BedInABags we got we were able to help 18 Foster Children ( 12 boys ages 9-17 and 6 girls 14-18)

We weren't able to take pictures of all of them but here are some of the young men YOU helped Have a place to DREAM!

Rapstation Sponsor MrChuckD