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Pre-sale raffle tickets $5 for a One of a Kind @Sandoner piece #Oxnard #Fosterkids #Donate

This weekend December 12, 2015 @ Cafe on A
 438 South A st. Oxnard Ca.

Sand will be donating pieces from her one of a kind clothing collection.

This is a once in a life time chance to have a limited edition piece and donate to a wonderful cause!

Every dollar counts because
"Every child Deserves a Place to Dream!"

You can Purchase a $5 Pre-sale Raffle ticket no attendance needed, we can ship it to you!

Winners will be announced 5pm Dec. 12 * minimum price must be met


Hi my name is Sand. I'll like to tell you my own bio, I feel that it is more personal this way. I want to share with you all of my dreams, failures and accomplishments.

I was raised in East Los Angeles California. I always knew I wanted to be cool... but I never knew I was going to create a movement with my art. I can officially call myself an artist, I just love to paint, its my passion. I've been painting for about five years. It all started in 2010 somewhere in Los Angeles. And from that point and on, I have dedicated my days to creating, drawing and painting.

I have done so many things, opened so many doors, walked the floors of different countries, tasted amazing foods, fell in love passionately over and over again with different souls along my art journey, met amazing people that helped me advanced to the next chapter in my curious life. And All of this...because of my art and my curiosity to leave my comfort zone and explore beyond my home.

You cant be scared to gamble your life away into a world of dreams and uncertain goals. You just have to struggle a bit, wake up and seek to awaken that dream.

I have painted all over my city: Los Angeles, up and down the state of California, fell madly in love in Miami, therefore I painted Miami like a maniac. Next thing you know I'm in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Kentucky, and New York painting my life away.

I have had bad days with no money, situations where I am alone in places I should not be, empty stomachs and endless nights full of heart aches. But my drive and imagination have always kept me going. I am a girl...but I am far from weak,weakness is not my cup of tea...get up, put all that hurts behind, crush your insecurities...and Get it done.

No struggle is temporary, amazing things will always arise once the storm is over and your ambition begins.

I have lost many acquaintances,yet gained many like minded friends along my way. I have Walked away from things that no longer gave me inspiration to find bigger and greater creative outlets.

I have always kept my art close to me. Sometimes I eat, sometimes I'm a starving artist. But I am determined, that my crazy dream of being a well known artist is something I just can't seem to walk away from. The more doors I open, the more I want to pursue.

I have appeared on various TV networks, many articles have been written about my work, i have showcased in galleries, worked with established companies and painted many pieces of art for my collectors all over the globe.

I'm a free spirited dreamer creating murals and paintings of dolls with long lashes just like my mothers.
I paint for the city, the young dreamers and the ambitious modern women of today. Do what you love everyday.

Thank you to each person that collects my original work, prints, garments and to future collaborations. I just want to live doing what I love. Follow that Dream, never go on through life wondering what if... and never loose your head over anything that does not make you money.

Stay Cold my friends,


Sand Curriculum

Artist Sand One is a mentor, motivator,inspiration to many young women, a dreamer,a sister a daughter, a hopeless romantic with an insatiable appetite for success and a full time artist.
Her art can open any doors, create bridges, inspire women. Anything Is possible with Sands marketable art.
She is the epitome of an unstoppable young dreamer.

Sand began her art dream in 2009, after finishing high school. She had no idea what destiny had in store for her....

At the begging of her painting story.. she fell madly in love with a Miami based artist. Forcing her to follow her heart and venture into the heats of Miami Florida, leaving behind her new adult life in Los Angeles. She has only lost her head over love once, a lesson well learned. Sand has always remained independant, carrer and success driven.


-Soon after arriving to Miami she began her never ending painting spree. Companies such as Levi's and the NBA Cares were immediately knocking at her door in means of collaborations, these deals were done and sold out.

-After her break up with her Miami lover in the end of 2010 she left Florida, yet returning for 3 consecutive years to attend Art Basel, in wich she worked 2 years with NBA Cares and Del Toro Shoes.

-Sand had her first solo exhibit in Miami at AC Gallery.

Sand ventured into Miami, Puerto Rico, Mexico City, Guatemala, Chicago and back home to Los Angeles. Painting everywhere she went, leaving her womanly mark. Making Television appearances during her stay in Guatemala.
-Sand appeared on Latin Nation introducing the USA masses to the first stages of her art career.

-Sand Curated an outdoors live mural art exhibit in Miami by bringing together 7 Miami artist and 7 Los Angeles artist to mix their unique mural styles during the ongoin Art Basel foot traffic, by painting a wall sponsored by Montana Spray Cans and Jerrys Artarama Art Supply Stores.


-Back in Los Angeles she began to strengthen her urban movement, infusing the streets of Los Angeles with her Big eyed, long lashed dolls. Invading the L.A horizon with colorful womanly murals

-Entering the world of Galleries, exhibits, media and fashion.

-Her first solo exhibit "Bow Ties" in Los Angeles was a complete success, the show was curated solely by Sand, and the women behind her movement.

-She created her own clothing line featuring her dolls as the face of the line.
-She exhibits in New York, Miami and Los Angeles ( LAB Art Gallery) (CREWEST Gallery)
Her art was featured on Bad Girls Miami Season 5


-Sand was published in The L.A Weekly on a story called War in the Streets. Addressing the ongoing mural issue between the city of Los Angeles and street artist.

-Sand was published in the Beverly Hills Magazine, Stay Up graffiti Book and the L.A Taco Book.
Many articles and interviews have been written about Sand online, such as Society Perrier, Juxtapoz Magazine etc

-Sand visited many middle schools and youth centers. Mentoring troubled children through workshops, to follow their dreams regardless of their economical barriers.

-Sand exhibits inside the Chinese American Museum in the Dreams Deferred exhibit depicting the immigrant struggle in Los Angeles.


-Sand appeared on Ovation Network on a documental about street art.
-Worked for Red Bull on the Canvas Cooler Project.
-Sand ventures into Down Town San Francisco to create a mural which is later featured in National Geographic.
-Creates a commercial for Latino Heritage month bought byTelemundo Network.

-Sand independently curates two successful solo exhibit one in Down Town Los Angeles releasing her new doll Vampy, along with a limited edition print and clothing collection and the second in Hollywood featuring the same collection in unison with the Jarritos Soda Flag Ship Store.

-Sand paints 3 giant Hollywood murals that open the doors to her Hollywood collectors.

-Sands work is exhibited inside the Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles in an official exhibit honoring Siracha and Tapatio Sauces

-Sand creates art work for world renowned fashion designer Betsy Johnson.

-Works with Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.

-Sand Creates art for the elite make up company Urban Decay.
-Sand success art story is featured on Univision Network on a two day 10 minute breaking news special.
-Participates in a Mexican embassy curated art festival called Barrio Roots with the best Latino urban influenced artist around the USA.
-Sand successfully Releases a collection of high end Leggings.

-Appears on the Down Town L.A Art walk newspaper and the HOY Latin newspaper.
-Appears on the radio station 97.5

-Sand releases her new line of socks featuring her 2014 dolls.

-Sand paints the inside lobby of the W Hotel in West Wood California. Then creates an exhibit blindly welcoming 60 women she has never met, to exhibit their never before showcased art inside the acclaimed W Hotel for an inspirational experience in which Sand gave back inspiration and acknowledgement to women that follow her artwork.

-Sand One is in the biggest street art auction in Beverly Hills with Banksy

-Acclaimed fashion icon Betsy Johnson becomes a collector of Sand Ones fine art owning an original Sand piece.

-Sand paints a mural for Shiekh Shoes

-Sand paints a mural on Hollywood Blvd on the outside walls of the acclaimed Hollywood pizzeria; Big Mamma's and Poppa's.

-Appeared on a two day documentary on Univision Network.

-Contributes to a successful auction in Miami for The Ronald MC Donald's Foundation.

-Paints a mural in Miami prior to the acclaimed yearly artist festivities known as Art Basel.

-Sand is commissioned to paint the first giant aerosol mural in the conservative town of Louisville Kentucky.

-In November Sand was featured on the TV show Latination TV.

- Sand Comes back to her hometown in East Los Angeles to paint a 40 ft doll in honor of the city where her art inspiration began.


Sand paints for the Museum Of Latin American Art in Los Beach California in honor of womens month.

Releases her second and third pillow collection.

April Sand travels to Chicago Illinois for herfirst solo titled: Chicago Lovers

Monaco Vodka sponsors two Sand murala in Chicago Illinois.

Jimador Tequila x Sand, in Los Angeles California. A series of 6 Jimador bottles were hand painted by the artist to raise funds for LAMP Community, a housing program in Down Towm Los Angeles.

-Sand Travels to Japan and Thailand, Appears on the cover of The Bangkok Posts weekly magazine The Brunch.

-Sand works for Coca cola on their Tattoo Can project Summer 2015

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To purchase a Bed in a Bag

All items can be dropped off or shipped to
The Comfort Project
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Dec. 12th @CafeonA @Sandoner #FosterComfort for #Fosterkids

It's never too late to get involved! Contact us if you'd like to donate your time, services, products or cash.
Every Child Deserves a Place to Dream
Every donation counts!

Dec 5th! Look for us in the Oxnard Down town Parade!

We will be wearing baby blue shirts and walking along side our cloud "float".
Keep an eye out for us!

To purchase a Bed in a Bag

All items can be dropped off or shipped to

The Comfort Project

1190 S. "N" St.

Oxnard, CA 93033